The OLB buys collections of comics, graphic novels, toys, and gaming cards every day. Please keep the following in mind if you want us to bid on your’s:

  • 1.  Only certain books — called key issues — go up in price. A key issue is defined as any book that something significant happens in, such as a first appearance (Amazing Spider-Man 129 is a good example, as that’s the first Punisher), a certain artist or writer helped create the book (such as Neal Adams’ run on X-Men), or a revamp that caught the attention of the industry (the early ’70’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow). It’s important to realize, not all first appearances are noteworthy, and not all first issues are classics. And because a book is twenty — or even fifty — years old doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot. Today’s customer base wants key issues, not complete runs.
  • 2.  Condition is everything. Comics are commonly rated on a 1-10 scale, and a book’s position on that scale help indicate it’s value. In other words, there are many more 1-4 books than there are 8-10s.
  • 3.  The above criteria more often than not also applies to toys and graphic novels. Gaming cards such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu Gi Oh are judged approximately the same way.

The OLB gives $20 per long box for most comics (a long box regularly holds 275-325 books, depending upon whether the comics are bagged and boarded).  If there are books in those boxes you think are worth more — given the above criteria — we ask you take those titles out, and we’ll negotiate on those separately. Otherwise the flat rate of $20 applies. 95% of those books go into our quarter boxes.